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  • Healthcare Cost Increases
  • Increasing Chronic Disease
  • No Real Benefits Strategy
  • Wellness Plan Irrelevant
  • Incentives Not Working
  • Employees Getting Sicker
  • Dependents Not Engaged
  • Workers Comp Cost Increasing
  • Engagement is Low


  • Avoid Healthcare Need
  • Long Term Measurable Strategy
  • Supercharged Wellness Initiatives
  • Effective, Enviable Incentives
  • Slowing Disease Progression
  • Engaging Dependent Spouses
  • Lower W/C Disease Related Claims
  • Target 100% & Engage 100%
  • Single Source URL, Login & Password - Simplicity
  • Unequaled Enrollment/Benefit Admin. Platform
The most efficient and effective approach to Healthcare Performance Management is to implement an integrated solution that merges the typically independent healthcare businesses of:
  1. Healthcare Benefits Administration (TPA)
  2. Reference Pricing Medical Claims Management (Claims Negotiating)
  3. New Pharmacy Benefit Management (International Drug Fill without Rebating)
  4. Population Health Management (Technology & Wellness)

Links healthcare touch-points in a secure, online social network to improve collaboration and reduce inefficiencies

Discloses intelligent-system enhanced health information to plan sponsors / employers, members, and providers via three distinct, but integrated Healthcare Performance Management interfaces:

  1. Access for plan sponsors / employers
  2. Access for members
  3. Access for Consultants
  4. Access for providers (physicians, care managers, wellness managers, etc.)


Stopping the Over-Consumption of Healthcare 

Unnecessary medical services represent about 10% or $300 billion of all annual US healthcare spending. Overuse has been tough to address. One of the many reasons is that traditional fee-for-service payments encourage providers to order and bill for potentially unnecessary services.

Stopping the Over-Insuring of Members

Solving for covered members who are over insured on your healthcare plan. This resolves a wasteful benefit spending that is unnecessary. 

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